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Board Greeter Responsibilities

Before the Service:

  • Arrive at the Temple at 6:30 pm.
  • Check to see that our Admin has placed: 1.) two Shabbat candles in their drip tray with matches on the Torah reading table that's on the bema and 2). a challah covered with one of our challah covers on a plate on the credenza in the oneg area, and 3). 2 kiddush cups on the credenza in the oneg area.*
  • If there is a helper family, help them set out the Oneg. Help them with napkins, paper-ware, cups, etc., from the kitchen. 
  • Set out a tray (or trays depending on number of people expected) on credenza in foyer and fill small cups with wine, some with grape juice for kids and a few with water. If needed, pour a small amount of wine (no need to fill) in the kiddush cups.
  • Greet people as they arrive.
  • Introduce yourself to new faces.
  • On Friday eves where a bar/t mitzvah is participating, place the covered challah on one of the shelves under the Torah reading table that is on the bema and place 3 kiddush cups filled with small amounts of wine on the side table that is by the bema. (This is because the bar/t mitzvah will lead us in the kiddush from the bema. The small plastic cups of wine, juice and water for the congregation should still be set up and ready on the credenza in the oneg area for after the service).

During the Service:

  • During the service, the board greeter should be attentive to any signals from the rabbi, soloist, or security guard for any reason: we need a cup of water, or the guard doesn't know whether to let someone in and needs confirmation, or there's a health issue, etc. 
  • When called by Rabbi Amy, near the end of the service, read announcements. Currently we are using the latest eBlast as the source of announcements - pull it up and read or paraphrase the relevant items.

After the Service:

  • After the Oneg, work with the helper families to do a light clean-up of the Oneg area. If needed, sweep up any crumbs. The cleaning crew will come in later for a full cleaning and will take the trash out.
  • Ensure Shabbat Candles are extinguished & dispose of aluminum drip catchers. Remove any excess wax from candle sticks.
  • Clean challah plate and cover.  Dish soap is in printer room with sponge. 
  • Empty and clean Kiddush cups with soap and water.
  • Return candlesticks, challah plate & cover, Kiddush cup, and wine to copy room cabinet labeled “Kiddush Set up.”This is very important because if Saturday services are being held the greeter will need to know where to find these items to set out.
  • Help helper families to return oneg setup items to kitchen.
  • Be prepared to be the last person in the building to lock up on occasion though typically our security guard will do this. If you are the last person in the building:
    • Make sure all doors are locked, including the back door by the kitchen, side door at far end of the lobby, and front doors. 
    • Turn off all lights, including the bathrooms. 

For Saturday b'nai mitzvah services: 

  • At the beginning of service Rabbi Amy will ask you to inform our guests of the ‘rules’ we follow to maintain a proper worship environment. Provide the following rules in a short talk welcoming our guests.
  • During the Torah service, while the Torah is being paraded, your assistance may be needed in handing out Chumishim (Torah commentary). Watch for this.
  • When called upon at end of service, provide the gift bag and describe the contents and who provided each one. See the list of gifts.
  • Read the Announcements and wish the B’Nei Mitzvah a “mazel tov”!
Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784