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Purim at BCRC

03/25/2019 08:05:47 AM


Seth Leventhal

Purim at BCRC was a very festive event this year! We started with a Megillah reading by Rabbi Amy (and all of the attendees) on the actual date of Purim. Boo Haman! Have you ever joined us to read the entire Book of Esther? If not, try it next year - it is considered a mitzvah to read it on Purim! On Friday we had our traditional Purim spiel. This year we presented "Spooky Purim! - A Musical Purim Shpiel and Erev Shabbat Service...Read more...

Healing Virginia is our Responsibility Too

03/10/2019 10:52:42 AM


Rabbi Amy Sapowith

Rabbi Amy attended Healing Virgina (#HealingVa), an Interfaith and Civic Discussion with Attorney General Mark Herring on Sunday, March 3rd at Mt. Zion UMC in Leesburg. Here are her reflections on this event and the issues it raised:

     As Jewish tradition understands the Bible, humanity’s first sin is Cain’s killing of his brother, Abel. It’s not about Adam and Eve. It’s about Cain and Abel. It’s not...Read more...

Architect Update

02/22/2019 10:59:19 AM


Seth Leventhal

We met with our architecture team from Brawer Hauptman to provide an update and obtain congregational input on our master plan. For those who couldn't make it, here's a quick update on some of the exciting things they are working on. 

The architects showed us several ideas for our temple entrance. Attendees favored combining the idea for a canopy over the entry, plus a bench. See below:


BCRC Interfaith Weekend

02/22/2019 07:33:27 AM


Seth Leventhal

Our recent Interfaith Dialogue Event featuring Rabbi Joe Charnes, scholar in residence, and Rev. Annabelle Markey and Rev. Joseph Vought from Community Lutheran Church in Sterling was a wonderful event, enjoyed by many in both our congregation and by our guests from the...Read more...

BCRC Security Update

01/25/2019 10:21:25 AM


Seth Leventhal

The BCRC Security Committee is now working actively to implement security upgrades for the BCRC facility. We are planning to apply for a FEMA grant program which could provide funding for some significant capital upgrades. One of our major capital upgrades will be new secure front doors integrated with an electronic entry control system. Options such as electronic keypad, badge reader and other state-of-the-art entry systems are being...Read more...

Tu B'Shevat at BCRC

01/20/2019 08:00:00 PM


Seth Leventhal

We had a wonderful celebration of Tu B'Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, at BCRC on Friday, January 18.  The evening began with a Tot Shabbat led by our 1st graders. Following that, we had a special Tu B'Shevat oneg/preneg featuring the traditional foods of the...Read more...

BCRC Chanukah Happenings

12/10/2018 10:53:22 AM


Seth Leventhal

I think it can be said that everyone had a happy Chanukah at BCRC! Our Chanukah themed Tot Shabbat featured the wonderful Chanukah song stylings of our very own Phil Kane. Afterwards everyone enjoyed latkes and jelly donuts at our new member oneg/preneg, followed by a group menorah lighting.

On...

Some Reflections on Pluralism in Israel

11/30/2018 09:22:32 AM


Seth Leventhal

While the impression you may get from the media is that Israeli politics and religion is dominated by the Ultra-Orthodox, one thing we learned during our travels is that Israeli society is becoming increasingly pluralistic. This was quite apparent soon after our arrival when I took a stroll along the boardwalk on the beach in Tel Aviv. It seemed that just about every person we walked by came from a different ethnic or religious background and...Read more...

Photos from BCRC Trip to Israel

11/29/2018 01:40:27 PM


Seth Leventhal

Have you seen the photos from the ten day trip to Israel recently made by Rabbi Amy and members of BCRC, along with Temple Beth El of Riverside CA and some of Rabbi Amy's former congregants from Rochester? If you've never been to...Read more...

Facility Update: Part II - Meet the Architects

10/17/2018 03:59:12 PM


Seth Leventhal

On Thursday Oct 11 our architects visited for a “mini-charrette”- a group workshop. Based on their review of the responses to the survey that I talked about in our previous blog entry, they prepared design ideas for discussion. At the session, we looked at some excellent preliminary ideas that they presented. They sought our reaction to various directions the project could take, and also solicited further ideas and input from the...Read more...

Update on Temple Facility Project - Part I

10/15/2018 02:15:37 PM


Seth Leventhal

Many of you have been asking us how the temple facility project is going. As you know, we have contracted with the architecture firm of Brawer & Hauptman to produce a master plan that will serve as our guide in implementing our facility’s next phase of development, that will provide us with a welcoming spiritual home for many years to come.

We recently finished a building survey to gauge some of the general ideas and priorities...Read more...

Rabbi Amy's High Holy Sermons

09/27/2018 03:50:53 PM


Seth Leventhal

Rabbi Amy provided us with a plethora of fascinating, thought-provoking and useful insights in her High Holy Day sermons this year. Provided below are short summaries along with a link to the full texts.

In her Erev Rosh Hashanah sermon, Rabbi Amy cited the oft-stated notion that being Jewish is like belonging to a family – along with all the dynamics that come with belonging to a family. On the one hand, it’s a safe haven...Read more...

New Inscription for Sanctuary

09/14/2018 02:19:23 PM


Seth Leventhal

Next time you enter our sanctuary, be sure to check out the beautiful and welcoming new inscription, Hinei Mah Tov, or 'How good and pleasant when we dwell together in peace' (Psalm 133:1). The inscription was designed and painted by Tamara Stoneburner, a noted calligraphy artist, who donated much time over several months to get the art work and calligraphy just right. Some other aspects that you may be interested in: You will see the...Read more...

BCRC Picnic 2018

08/27/2018 09:41:28 AM


Seth Leventhal

The BCRC annual picnic was held Sunday Aug 26 at Claude Moore Park in Sterling. Great fun was had by all, with over 70 congregants as well as some prospective new members joining us. Perfect weather this year - no hurricanes to worry about! Many thanks to Consuelo Scott and a...Read more...

New Book by BCRC Author

08/07/2018 02:12:23 PM


David Mendelsohn

One of our congregants, David Mendelsohn, has written a new book which provides compelling evidence of the afterlife/heaven/reincarnation. The story follows the lives of three main characters, fictitious but drawn from real life cases, and a psychiatrist who finds her core beliefs challenged by her patients experiences.  It's an intriguing story.  While "heaven" is an integral tenet of other major religions, it is not...Read more...

Shabbat Tisha B'Av: Cacophony and Compromise 2018

07/27/2018 01:10:32 PM


Rabbi Amy J Sapowith

           Last week Sonja and I were having Shabbat dinner in L.A. at the home of old friends’ of mine and their twin teenagers who are preparing to begin college in the Fall.  We were seated at their Shabbat table on the patio: candles, wine, challah all set to go. 

            “If you want to do or say anything special just let us...Read more...

We Welcome our Newest and Youngest Members!

07/18/2018 04:30:02 PM


Rabbi Amy Sapowith

Pictured here is Rabbi Amy, Ruben holding one of the twins, Diane holding the other, and the mohel, Dr. Stephen Adashek.


We welcome our newest and youngest members: Jakob Andreas Borbon and...Read more...

New Fiscal Year Message from the President

07/15/2018 08:46:08 AM


Seth Leventhal

On July 1 we began a new temple fiscal year (not to be confused with the secular new year of Jan 1 or Rosh Hashanah!) So I'd like to give you a short report. Last week I attended the ShulCloud conference in New Jersey. Since we adopted ShulCloud as our congregation management system in 2015 we've really been able to clean up our accounts and increase our collections! ShulCloud also helps us economize by consolidated all of our web site,...Read more...

Annual Congregational Meeting

06/23/2018 09:48:25 AM


Seth Leventhal

Our annual Congregational Meeting was held Sunday June 10. For those who were unable to attend, here's a brief summary. Rabbi Amy thanked our current Board of Directors for their service, and singled out our departing members, thanking Brian Freed for doing a “'tzaddik’s job' as worship VP”, and Neil Frank for giving his heart and soul and labor to BCRC as Facilities VP. Board President Seth Leventhal  discussed our so far...Read more...

Farewell Dinner for the Medoffs

06/13/2018 10:35:32 PM


Seth Leventhal

Last Saturday, June 9th, we held a gala farewell dinner for the Medoffs, who are moving to Venice, Florida later this month. It was a bittersweet occasion as we wished them 'bon voyage' as they move to the Gulf Coast. Many stories were told about Marshall and Billie's numerous contributions to BCRC from the beginning of our temple all the way through to the current day, as they continue to be our most enthusiastic and active...Read more...

Message from the President - Updated 6/5/2018

05/29/2018 08:22:46 AM


Seth Leventhal

Thanks to all the members of my BCRC family for joining me and my family for a wonderful 60th birthday party on Saturday May 19th. We had some great times, great food and a celebration of Shavuot! Best of all, my sincere thanks to all of you who donated generous gifts to the building improvement and foyer renovation funds. Your gifts will help make BCRC a truly welcoming house of friends! Click here to see your pictures in a...Read more...

Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit

04/12/2018 10:31:43 PM


Tracy Cirone

Tracy Cirone, Tikva Committee member, attended the Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit at Potomac Falls High School and reported the following:

I wanted to let you know that I attended the Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit at Potomac Falls HS yesterday. What a great event! This year's week long summit theme is - connect the pieces, find the harmony, and create the big picture.

There were 98...

The 2018 Community Seder was a Great Success!

04/03/2018 11:30:26 AM


Seth Leventhal

Our Community Seder, held on Saturday March 31, attracted our largest attendance ever! We had over 80 attendees, including congregants, guests, and a good number of attendees from outside BCRC. Rabbi Amy led the Seder with...Read more...

10 Years at Beaumeade!

03/10/2018 09:27:04 AM


Seth Leventhal

On Friday March 9 we commemorated our 10th anniversary in our building with a special Erev Shabbat service. First we rededicated the mezuzzah at the entry to the sanctuary, which had been removed for the painting project. At our service we had some guest...Read more...

Purim at BCRC

03/07/2018 09:14:50 AM


Seth Leventhal

We started our Purim festivities on Friday Mar 2 with Erev Shabbat Services done in the special 'Purim' style by drawing our prayers at random out of the tri-cornered hat. This was followed by a highly entertaining and enlightening Purim Shpiel, 'A Purim Carol', based on a certain...Read more...

Rabbi Amy's Sermon On the Occasion of Sisterhood Shabbat February 2, 2018/5778

02/16/2018 02:20:48 PM


Rabbi Amy Sapowith

What an attractive force sisterhood is! Look how it has brought you out this evening to be in one another’s company. There is an energy of camaraderie and a recognition that the women of BCRC share an identity, a heritage, as well as interests and concerns. And we’re not here at a restaurant or even someone’s living room—that’s for another day. We initiate, resurrect, restart our Sisterhood here in our sanctuary, before our ark and...Read more...

Farewell Dinner for Bill & Cindy Hack

02/14/2018 10:23:38 AM


Seth Leventhal

On Feb 3 a gala farewell dinner was held for Bill and Cindy Hack, longtime BCRC congregants who moved to Rhode Island to be closer to their children.
Cindy was highly instrumental in getting us into the our building and creating use documents and building policy as the VP when we were in the building phase of our permanent home.  For many years she sat on the high holiday committee to make sure they ran smoothly. Bill was...Read more...

BCRC Winter Escape

01/24/2018 04:00:42 PM


Seth Leventhal

Last Saturday, Jan 20, BCRC held its first 'Winter Escape', at thd Freedom Center in Leesburg. This event was an adaptation of an annual Winter event held at Rabbi Amy's Rochester temple, which gives people a chance to escape that mid-Winter cabin fever and romp in the snow. Well, we not only had no snow but had one of the warmest days of the winter! So our Winter Escape involved a hike around the lake and outdoor activities like tree...Read more...

Free Books for Jewish Children and Grant for a BCRC Family!

01/19/2018 08:40:01 AM


Julia Schneider

Julia and Gabe Schneider, whose son Zachary is in the 2nd grade religious school class, recently applied for a small grant to host a Shabbat dinner at their home through PJ Library! They will receive $150 and will host 2 other families. We will keep you posted on similar opportunities in the future. In the meantime, if you'd like to receive Jewish books and music for your family, please visit for more information. They are...Read more...

Painting Project is a Big Hit!

12/30/2017 05:16:51 PM


Seth Leventhal

Have you seen our newly painted entry, main hall, and foyer? Last week we said 'good bye' to our old...Read more...

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