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Service Attendance Requirements

In preparation for Jewish life and to reinforce Religious School learning it is vital that your child has a familiarity with Jewish worship. The more often you attend services as a family, the more natural the words and choreography of prayer will become and the greater will be your family's connection to the community. The following are the minimum number of services to be attended by each student during the academic year:

Grade Friday/Festival Evening Saturday/Festival Morning
8-10 6 Total - Can be Evening or Morning No Tot Shabbats
7 5 - No Tot Shabbat 5
6 5 - No Tot Shabbat 5
5 5 Total - Can be Evening or Morning No Tot Shabbats
4 5 Total - Can be Evening or Morning 3 can be Tot Shabbat
3 5 Total - Can be Evening or Morning 4 can be Tot Shabbat
2 3 Tot Shabbat  
1 3 Tot Shabbat  
K 3 Tot Shabbat  
Pre-K 1 Tot Shabbat  


A service attendance card is to be found outside the sanctuary. Please have your child fill the card out and hand it to the rabbi/service leader at the conclusion of the service and encourage them to wish the leader of prayer a warm “Shabbat Shalom!” or “Chag Sameach!”

Summer services, since the end of the last school year, count towards this year. If you attend service at another synagogue, have an official (rabbi, cantor, board member) sign that you were in attendance. And remember, if you were at a URJ camp over the summer… every service attended counts!

Children that fulfill their service requirement will receive a reward at the end of the year.

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784