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Membership Categories

Membership rates provided below. Note: Does not include religious school tuition or b'nai mitzvah fees.

Dual Parent Family: Open to families with two adult spouses or partners, with all membership privileges.  Includes dependent children through age 22. ($2300)*

Single Parent Family: Open to families with a single parent, with all membership privileges ($1902)*

Young Family:  Open to families (single or dual parent) whose oldest child is under 1st grade, with all membership privileges (half rate of applicable category).

Young Adult: Single individuals between 18 and 24 ($844)

Couples:  Open to adult couples without children to all membership privileges except religious school enrollment ($2167)*

Individual:  Open to adult individuals without partners/spouses or children, with all membership privileges except religious school enrollment. ($1836)*

Senior: Single individuals at least 70 year of age or married couples/domestic partners where at least one individual is at least 70 years of age ($1142)*

*Building Fund: Membership Categories that require a total commitment to the Building Fund of $7,500, billed over ten years in annual installments of $750.

Special Membership Categories:

Affiliate: Open to singles and couples who are members in good standing at another URJ synagogue.  Affiliated members pay “member” rates to all functions and may serve on committees, but do not have voting privileges or religious school enrollment privileges.  Includes two High Holiday tickets.  Please provide a letter from your primary congregation now and with annual renewal. ($756).

Day Care Members: Families who have children currently enrolled in and in good standing with any mid-week educational program, including preschools and day cares, held at Beth Chaverim. Day Care Members receive communications from the Congregation, pay Day Care Member rates for Congregational activities; and may participate in all religious services of the Congregation (upon payment of appropriate fees for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services). 

Please contact our Dues Adjustment Committee if the requested financial commitment is beyond your reach at this time. A dues adjustment request can be obtained by emailing

We offer significant dues credits for teaching Sunday School!  To inquire about open positions, please contact our VP of Education, .

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782