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New Security Improvements at BCRC

10/28/2020 07:37:53 AM


Seth Leventhal

Next time you visit BCRC, you will see the latest security improvements which will help to protect our building against any potential threat. Pictured here are our new security rated doors. While they present a welcoming appearance that is consistent with our new architectural master plan, the wood grain conceals thick galvanized steel and shatterproof glass which make them difficult for an intruder to penetrate. These doors will be electronically set to lock upon direction from a central controller.

Temple members will soon be set up with access to enter using our new Open Path access control system. The smart reader pictured here is mounted at the entry, and once you install the Open Path app all you need to do is walk up to the entrance and wave, and the door will unlock for you. You can also request smart card access. Non members will utilize our new video doorbell system to request entry.  Using this system, our building will be protected against unauthorized entry at all hours. Still more improvements to come - we'll keep you posted.

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