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Tu B'Shevat at BCRC

01/20/2019 08:00:00 PM


Seth Leventhal

We had a wonderful celebration of Tu B'Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, at BCRC on Friday, January 18.  The evening began with a Tot Shabbat led by our 1st graders. Following that, we had a special Tu B'Shevat oneg/preneg featuring the traditional foods of the holiday. There was: Briyah, signifying creation - soft foods, edible throughout, like berries; Asiyah, or 'doing', with a tough outer shell and edible inside, such as the pomegranate; Yetzirah, or 'formation', with a soft outer shell and a hard pit inside, like a peach; and Atzilut, the realm of divinity, signified by foods with a sweet smell such as cinnamon. Thanks to our Worship Committee for putting together such a great oneg/preneg! Finally, Rabbi Amy and Stacy Kafka finished up the festivities by leading the congregants in the tree song (and dance). What would Tu B'Shevat be without it? Click here to see more photos of our celebration (must be logged in for privacy).

Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783