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Architect Update

02/22/2019 10:59:19 AM


Seth Leventhal

We met with our architecture team from Brawer Hauptman to provide an update and obtain congregational input on our master plan. For those who couldn't make it, here's a quick update on some of the exciting things they are working on. 

The architects showed us several ideas for our temple entrance. Attendees favored combining the idea for a canopy over the entry, plus a bench. See below:

Do you have other ideas on this or on some of the other things I will show you? Please email me and I'll pass your ideas to the architects! Inside the entry, they presented one of their most exciting ideas to revitalize our facility. We would remove the 2 underutilized offices on the left when you enter, and replace it with a welcoming and open naturally lit lobby area that can be used for meetings, socializing, or just relaxing. I think you'll love this idea!

Another simple idea that increases the welcoming nature of the temple is to make a few small adjustments to our sanctuary entry, already highly improved through our new inscription. Note the removal of the middle door (2 is plenty!), and the new, warmer wood doors.

The sanctuary and social hall are still works in progress. We are seriously considering a 'murphy bemah', a Brawer Hauptman innovation. This bemah folds up easily, by hand, into the wall much like a murphy bed! Here's a diagram.

There would also be improved seating, using movable seats which have comfortable padding and are designed to store prayer books below the seat. No more running to the foyer to grab one! Here's a very preliminary concept that was put forward for the sanctuary - it does not include a design for the ark yet, and numerous ideas are still in play which either do or do not incorporate our current wall hangings. But it does show that just with a few low cost touches we can make our sanctuary look warm and welcoming. It doesn't take a fortune! Please email with any ideas for the ark or the sanctuary and I will pass them on. More to come!


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