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Security Grant Update

10/04/2019 10:38:36 AM


Seth Leventhal

I am very pleased to announce that due to the hard work of our dedicated Security Committee and many other committed congregants and staff members, BCRC has been approved for a federal security grant for the upcoming year, administered by FEMA.

The grant will be used for various needed improvements to our physical facility to reduce our vulnerability to security threats. Here are some key aspects:

  • Security rated entry doors -  You will see these attractive hardened steel doors, which appear to visitors like they are made of wood, in our architectural master plan, as they have been incorporated into the plan by our architects.
  • Secure access control system -  We will evaluate various systems which will authenticate the identity of anyone entering the building and only allow authorized members to enter. Alternatives include card entry, biometric systems, phone app based systems and others.
  • Updated surveillance camera system
  • Alarms and notification systems - These will include emergency door alarms, duress alarms for classrooms, an interior mass communication system and a system to notify families in event of an emergency
  • Shatter resistant reflective film on windows to prevent forced entry and targeting from outside,
  • Deadbolt locks on classroom doors
  • We are also able to use this funding to continue our existing level of security officer coverage (however we cannot expand this coverage with grant funding – that will require your financial contribution).

While the physical improvements are important, this alone will not result in an improved security posture. To do this, we must all work together to institute a holistic temple security roadmap that will include event security plans, emergency and crisis plans, training for staff, teachers and members, and drills to ensure that everyone is prepared to take action in the event of an emergency. We are working with our Secure Community Network advisor to guide us in establishing a roadmap to institute these measures. Please attend any training that is announced and consider volunteering to help out with our Security Committee!

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