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FIGHT ANTI-SEMITISM:  Our Voices Must Be Heard

01/16/2020 11:21:16 AM


Marc Nodell

Last year has been a devastating one for Jews world-wide as we have seen the number and level of anti-Semitic events increase. Here in the US, I am sure you are aware of the incidents in NJ, Monsey NY, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, LA as these are the most publicized. There are many more incidents occurring on campuses, workplaces and in public settings that are just as unsettling yet not given any press. 

Over the last year my wife Dale and I have reached out and met a number of elected officials to seek their support in aggressively addressing this issue. We have also been in contact and working with the AJC and the AMCHA initiative which focuses on campuses of higher education.  Anti-Semitism is a non-partisan issue as the Jewish community is under attack from extremists on the right as well as the left and we must be able to call it out wherever and whenever it occurs.

In consultation with Rabbi Amy and Board President Seth Leventhal, we believe it is time for the congregation to work together to make our voices heard. 

As a community we must band together to fight this in a meaningful and constructive way by working with our elected officials, other religious and civic organizations and Jewish groups.

To that end I would like to form a committee to come up with an action plan and specific recommendations on combating anti-Semitism and to work with other Jewish congregations and unaffiliated Jews in the Loudoun area to make sure our concerns are heard by our elected officials and not ignored.

If we stay silent, the situation will only grow worse and will directly impact our children and grandchildren.

If you have interest in working together in fighting this scourge please contact me directly or let the Rabbi know your interest. I have reached out to the AJC to get their support and they have committed to providing us speakers and resources as well. 

You can reach me, Marc Nodell at:

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784