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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

BCRC Response:

 To do our part to address this situation, scheduled activities at BCRC have been transitioned to remote delivery until further notice.  During this closure we will offer an online Shabbat service.  Services will not be open for in-person attendance. 

We have implemented alternative means to provide our religious, educational and other services remotely, using computer based technology. Watch for information on how to access these sessions in our weekly eBlast. We are also continuing to implement measures at BCRC that will continue when we reopen, to help prevent the spread of disease.  

Provided on this page is some important advice to keep you safe and healthy during this emergency. We have also added some supplemental information to our web site:

What is the Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are actually a very large family of mostly mild viruses, which include up to 30% of common colds. They are unstable and can easily mutate, however, into more serious illnesses. COVID-19 is  one such mutation, and is thus referred to as a 'novel' Coronavirus. In about 80% of cases, it causes symptoms similar to a common cold, such as fever, cough, sore throat, and feeling unwell. 20%, however, become very ill and may require hospitalization to treat serious respiratory and other symptoms,. This is a much higher percentage of serious effects than we see with the flu, so you can see that COVID-19 should NOT be taken lightly.

Coronavirus Advice:

U.S. hospitals have a limited capacity and if the rate of COVID-19 spread were to continue unchecked as it has in some other countries, our hospital capacity would be quickly overwhelmed. The spread can be slowed, public health professionals say, if people practice “social distancing” by avoiding public spaces and generally limiting their movement. Click here for an article graphically explaining the importance of 'flattening the curve'.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) ordered all schools in the commonwealth closed through the end of this school year and detailed further measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Executive Order 53 issued March 23. Tightened restrictions on businesses also went into effect as a result of Executive Order 53. It mandates restaurants may only provide carry-out, curbside and delivery service, and recreation and entertainment services such as bowling alleys, theaters and gyms are to close. Click here for details.

COVID-19 Readiness Resources

"I imagine all the closures and cancellations give people a sense of ominousness. But it's really an amazing act of social solidarity: We're sacrificing so we can give nurses, doctors and hospitals a fighting chance. Start from there and hopefully we can figure out the rest." - Matt Pearce, National Corresondent, Los Angeles Times

Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780